Legal Party Pills UK

Dex Party Powder

The euphoric properties of Dex Powder are making this one of the most popular choices around the world for those planning to elevate their mood while increasing levels of energy quickly. Helps sharpen mental focus and improve confidence. A dose which is between 50 and 100 mg will achieve the above effects. Doses really should not be taken less than 3 hours apart. A 1g package delivers between 10 and 20 doses.

V8 for Energy

V8's stimulant effects work well in helping you to handle the atmosphere swings that many people experience in the course of their life. Also energizes and provides a sense ecstasy that may make certain you will end up a 'party animal'.

Hi-Octane for Energy

The Hi-Octane pill is BZP-free so there is absolutely no risk of harmful negative effects. One pill will provide enough excitement to maintain you going for about six hours.

TNT for Energy

TNT is often a powerful energy booster that intensifies your experiences so you'll have a blast until morning.


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